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Trust the Noreast difference to deliver the high quality transformers and inductors you expect for military & defense applications. 

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Proudly certified by ISO9001, IPC, and ITAR compliant through certification under Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP).

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About Noreast Electronics

Noreast Electronics has over 40 years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing a broad assortment of electronic components and custom magnetics for mission critical applications in a variety of industries. Quick prototype response and engineer-to-engineer cooperation are the bedrock of our custom designs. Experienced, innovative and committed engineering support has made Noreast a preferred choice for critical component applications.

Our "Quality-First" and "no-failure rate" philosophy is enabled by our in-house end-to-end manufacturing process and our rigorous testing procedure. We provide 100% traceability on all our component materials along with exceptional customer service. 

Rail Signalling & Switching


Resource Exploration

Medical Equipment

Green Energy

Power Conversion

Expertise & Applications

High-quality, no-failure rate transformers, inductors, magnetics & other mission critical parts along with top-notch customer service & solutions fit to your needs.

The Noreast Difference

Fast design turnaround and end-to-end "in house" fabrication from design, tooling, sampling, ongoing production, to final quality assurance testing

Rapid prototyping

Continual improvement focus with over 40 years of custom magnetics design, engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Innovation driven

100% process controlled manufacturing environment, operating with a no-failure philosophy and Zero defective parts per million (DPPM).

Quality first

Small to large production run size capability and consolidated shipments to ensure maximum cost savings

Scalable manufacturing

24h guaranteed response time to all customer inquiries and prompt resolution of non-conformance issues

Customer focused

Statistical data available for all shipments, prompt procession and collaborative resolution of non-conformance issues

100% component traceability

First obtained its ISO Certification in 1996

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations

The Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC)

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP)

Ready to consult with us? Fill out the form or call us at 613-632-0933

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